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Discover Loopuyt: Where gin and insurance come together

A unique combination of expertise emerged in the heart of Schiedam (the Netherlands), where Jan Loopuyt ran his successful insurance agency in the 19th century. During the heyday of Schiedam’s gin industry, the prosperous entrepreneur decided to also produce gin and housed his own distillery in his office building. For six generations, the Loopuyt family produced its exquisite gin here.

In 2013, the heritage was revived by another visionary, Jan van Stigt Thans, who established himself in Jan Loopuyt’s premises. After 25 years of working exclusively in the insurance industry, he decided to focus on distilling gin. For a decade, he successfully juggled between the same professions: his insurance office and the art of distillation. In the fall of 2023, Jan van Stigt Thans took a new direction and sold his insurance office. Now he devotes himself entirely to the craft of gin making.

Meet Loopuyt, a gin that distils each of its 12 ingredients separately: juniper berry, cardamom, coriander, quinine bark, nutmeg, raspberry, grapefruit, lavender, curaçao peel, goji berry, Inca berry, and mulberry. Loopuyt gin is characterised by its purity, ensuring headaches are a thing of the past, unless, of course, you pour too enthusiastically.

Loopuyt gin, made from only natural ingredients, offers an accessible and balanced taste, perfect for mixing with tonic. It is not a gin to consume quickly, but rather to enjoy in carefully crafted cocktails or to sip leisurely. Welcome to the harmonious world of Loopuyt, where tradition and innovation come together in every drop.

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